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Why Use Lentil?

Learn by doing - Lentil focuses on practicing and applying what you learn, not boring you with long lessons. Learning by doing is more fun and more effective.

Automatic and adaptive - Just choose what want to learn and Lentil takes care of the rest. Lentil knows when to review and when to teach you new things. All you have to do is show up!

Stay in the zone - Lentil's streamlined, distraction-free interface keeps you on track and motivated. You'll get instant feedback instead of waiting for pages to load.

On your schedule - Whether you have 2 minutes or 2 hours to learn, Lentil makes the most of your time. And if you're gone for a while, Lentil automatically gets you back to where you left off.

Never get stuck - Lentil teaches you new things bit by bit, and only moves on when you're ready. And Lentil knows the right order to teach you things so you're never faced with something you haven't learned.

The Torii / Imahinasyon Photography / CC BY