Lentil logotype is learning, unleashed.

About Lentil

Lentil is made by Russ and Andrew (Learnirvana, Inc.) in San Francisco. Contact us here.

Why Lentil?

One can imagine a spectrum of learning that ranges from very conceptual on one end to rote memorization on the other end. We feel that the conceptual end of the spectrum is generally far more important and valuable, but there are still many useful things to learn towards the memorization end (language learning being just one example). If we want to apply technology to teach people in a scalable way, it seems like the memorization end of the spectrum would be the easy place to start. But while there are countless flash card and spaced repetition products out there, they have always left us feeling unsatisfied.

Our goal with Lentil is to attack this problem from some new angles and see where it takes us. Our focus is on combining ideas in knowledge modeling, psychology, and interface design to create a streamlined and rewarding learning experience. If we make something useful for memorization, we can work our way towards the conceptual end of the spectrum and see how far the model will extend. We also want to make Lentil available and free to as many people as possible, however we can do that.

To learn more about what we're up to, contact us.